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Easy to understand, practical, hands on advice and coaching for the Shipping Container Home Owner Builder that is guaranteed to save you time, money and stress.

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The modular nature of the Container Home concept makes it more practical than any other “Build your own Home concept” for anyone wanting to plan and build their own an affordable home.

In fact if you have ever done any remodeling or serious handyman work you can probably feel pretty confident in taking on a Container Home Project as an Owner Builder. Of course there will be some parts of the build you may need to contract but its really very achievable.

However like all things when we distill them down and simplify them suddenly everyone becomes an “expert” – we end up with commentary and opinion from a flood of well meaning supporters and advocates that although intended to be helpful just ends up making a total mess of the information that you need to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

In 25 years in the building industry I have never seen anything where this is more true than with Container Homes. After fours years of running this site I have seen and read just about every “resource” ever written on this subject, there are 100′s of websites that have posted a story or two about a Container Home project, there are a ton of forums with a thread or two dedicated to the subject and even a couple of bloggers that talk about them regularly and they are ALL well intended, not one of them is out to cause problems…


Some of the information they present is just plain wrong – there are just a ton of myths and misconceptions and just bad information about Shipping Container Homes on the Internet.

This “misinformation” ranges from the just plain silly to the down right dangerous stuff that could get you or your family killed !

If your considering doing any of the following you must review this information before you proceed.

Buying your used Containers on Ebay or Craigs List
Refinishing the Plywood Floor in your Containers
Removing large areas of the side walls of your Containers
Placing your Containers on Block Footings or a Slab Foundation
Joining two Containers along their long sides – ie two “parallel” Containers
Stacking or Cantilevering Containers for Multistory Designs.
Burying a Container for a Cellar, Shelter or Storage
Insulating your Containers

We address the most common and most concerning of these misunderstandings and show you how to do it right, on time and on budget.

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