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We also provide high detail accurate 2D CAD drawings of standardized Containers for your Construction Documentation.

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These video provide Members with the “must-have” understanding of design and construction considerations unique to working with steel shipping containers.

This is the foundation of research and development upon which to create your own Container Home and the information we provide will save you hundreds of hours in research and thousands of dollars of construction costs.

There are 15 video tutorials in total – now if you want to understand what you can expect from this series a link to a sample of one of the 15 tutorials is provided below this video for your review

As well we have the worlds largest Container based Architecture projects portfolio – to date there are over 100 Homes featured and the Portfolio grows every week.

We try to provide as much detail as possible including photographs, plans and contact details when available on profiled projects

This resource is designed to inspire – to get those creative juices flowing and to provide a stream of great ideas from successful projects that can be incorporated into your own Shipping Container Home.

Perhaps the greatest value resource we offer Members is a free one on one 20 minute Skype Consultation with one of our Team Members to discuss anything Container Home related you wish – from mentoring you on your Container Home Project to clarifying questions you might have re our Training Materials or even help with the Software.

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– Note only the software is Windows only – all videos and supporting information is platform independent.

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