Shipping Container Homes Book Series – Book 87

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Following  the incredible popularity of our digital book series – The  Most Influential Shipping Container Homes Ever Built – we  have decided to release a number of expanded  titles  for 2016 showcasing in greater detail some of the  best in Container based Construction from around the World.

Container Homes Book 87 – Shipping Container House Boat  –  Maine USA

shipping-container-homes-book-87-interiorshipping-container-homes-book-87-constructionSomething special for today’s featured Container Construction Project.

Boat Builder Steve White has constructed a Houseboat from 2 x 40’ Type 1C HC Shipping Containers. He intends to live in it and has parked it in the Brooklin Marina, Maine USA.

This unusual Project is a collaboration between a number of people including Boat Builder Andrew Baldwin with Welding services by Kustom Steel, Insulation & Interior framework by SnapSpace Solutions and Jennifer Sansosti and Trevor Seip.

The two Shipping Containers are placed offset and joined together by a wall that extends up to a second floor loft. The entire house is set on a 30’x50’ barge and creates a cozy, spacious home. The entire houseboat measures 24’x40’ and has around 1,000 square feet of living space, which includes two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

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