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Item 1: 3D Shipping Container Home Design Software

There is no serial number required for this item.

Software Training Materials and Videos

Important: these videos are NOT the “How to Build a Shipping Container Home Tutorials

These videos are the training materials showing how to install and use the software.

Training – Please Read This it is Very Important

No complex software program from Photoshop to AutoCAD can possibly provide fast start instruction on their product that covers all possibilities – that task would be truly enormous

Even billion dollar businesses like Adobe or Microsoft or AutoDesk with $500 – $5000 software and massive support teams have whole 3rd training industries behind them – ie trainers and consultants that support customers on a paid level beyond what can hope to be conveyed in an instruction manual.

What training manuals for complex software attempt do is explain the “concept” behind the tools and simple examples of how you might use it in your application.

The oneous is then on the customer to take that example, expand on the concept and apply it to their specific task.

We are developing new training materials as we speak that more closely integrate the containers into the software, these will be release in late 2012 and will be free for members.

In the meantime, we are happy to answer questions about the software for free AFTER you have watched the video and TRIED to help yourself using trial and error. We reward customers that help us. ie customers that clearly show they are trying to learn the software and can explain what they have done and what they don’t understand about a specific task WILL BE provided every assistance for free.

*** Users seeking higher levels of customer service response and willing to invest in this can be supported via a 1-900 telephone service or paid consultant services, if you are interested in either of these please drop us a line at admin@containerhome.info and we will happily arrange this.

The software is based on an existing Home Design Software program as such there are two elements to learning the software

1, How the “regular” software works and

2, How the “container modules” within the modifications work

We are working on integrating both of the training materials together and they will be release in Novemembr 2010. In the meantime you need to watch the following videos.

Software Training Video 1:

This video covers downloading and installing the Shipping Container Home Design Software and setting the anti-aliasing settings for the video card display.

Software Training Video 2:

This video covers a basic overview of the user interface of the Shipping Container Home Design Software including move, rotate, insert and move objects and understanding the color tools.

Software Training Video 3:

This video covers a basic overview of navigation in and around the 3D World in the Shipping Container Home Design Software including walk and view mode.

Please watch this video carefully as it is probably the hardest element of learning to use the software for new users, once you master navigation your off and running !

Software Training Video 4:

This video covers a basic overview of the problem that new users may have with incorrect insertion of 3D Objects and Shapes.

This video explains why this occurs and how to correct the mistake.

Regular Training Materials.