How to get the most out of your Membership

From time to time we get questions from people asking about how the Container Homes membership system works.

This simple post is intended as an overview of the membership system and our commitment to you as a member.

Firstly let me start by clarifying that is a Membership site.

The very definition of a membership site is that you become a “member” of the site.  This is different to purchasing a book or a DVD or even a license to use software in so much as we are constantly developing and updating our content for our members and all new ( or updated ) content is provided free for members on an ongoing basis, ie over weeks, months and even years – the current membership system is for life.

We reserve the right to introduce a new membership system at any time that may include monthly or yearly memberships however if you joined as a member under the system of life membership you will remain a member for life.

The challenges of running a membership site.

One of the greatest challenges in running a membership site ( rather than writing a book or producing a DVD ) is that we have a number of constantly developing products and services on offer to a wide range of different members, and each member in turn has somewhat different needs and will see different value in the site.

Today we have members that range from first time Owner Builder’s considering building a Container Home, to Not for Profit Organizations looking for help in creating emergency accommodation shelters in developing Countries, to qualified Architects and Professional Building Designers.

I can guarantee that all Container Home members will find tremendous value in becoming a member – far exceeding their initial investment – but I am also a realist.

To try to make everything we produce hyper targeted to individual needs on every occasion with such a wide membership base is just an impossible task.

By way of example:

I had a couple of emails from first time Owner Builders that said just the free video content on Insulation and its underlying strategy of understanding that insulation needs to be considered in its context of one of several heat gain control elements and the impact that understanding will have on a project was worth the membership fee alone. This is NOT the way that most people think about insulation and it is NOT the way its generally discussed.

However if you where are Architect or Professional Building Designer you would no doubt understand this concept and perhaps find little new value in that statement in isolation.

At the same time a few Owner Builders have commented that they don’t understand the point of “life membership” however this time if you where an Architect or Professional Building Designer the idea of ongoing free access to our content is very appealing.

To get the most out your membership we simply suggest that you take the information that you feel is suited to your individual needs at this time and as we constantly work to grow the depth of materials I am certain you will continue to value your investment in the site.

In the meantime if you have any questions not answered here please feel free to drop us an email at



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