Shipping Container Cross Stacked Home Designs

Its not very often that I profile a Shipping Container Home Design based purely on Architectural Illustrations or Artists Impressions. There are so many design concepts out there that its hard for a new one to cut through the crowd and really speak to me.  However I stumbled across this design over the weekend from the team at Container Nation and what impressed not so much the good design nor the quality of the renders but the fact that the illustrations actually showed the modification support requirements to correctly stack the containers.

I know I posted about this every subject only recently at stacking shipping containers but its fantastic to see this information being presented correctly even at the concept stage.

Check out the illustration below of a cross stacked and cantilevered shipping container home design.

And now the same image where I have marked the support posts required and even the support structure for the green roof.

Now this might seem like a small point but the myth of shipping containers ability to stack in any random and haphazard way that designers see fit is one of many that I am determined to eradicate, cantilevering and cross stacking can be done of course but it requires some measure of supporting reinforcement in order for it to be safe and durable.

Well done to the team at containernation. I am looking forward to seeing more good things from you guys.

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