3D ISBU Shipping Container Home Design Software

ContainerHome3D 2.0 – Shipping Container Home Design Software Upgrade.

We are very excited to announce the release of a major upgrade of our free  Shipping Container Home Design Software to Version 2.0

Screen shot taken from the new Shipping Container Home Design software – Version 2.0. This image features  a 2 x 20′ HC Container Cabin as an example template. More of these “fast start” design concepts are being created and will be released for free to our Members each week.

Over the last 12 months we have taken on-board as much feedback as possible from our Members about how we can improve our 3D Container Home Design software.

There was a ton of valuable suggestions put forward by Members that ranged from making the user interface more simple to navigate to improving the detail and accuracy of the 3D container models.

ContainerHome3D V2.0 now uses higher accuracy 3D model of 20′ and 40′ GP ( 8’6″ tall ) and HC ( 9’6″ tall ) Type 1A Containers and a new easy to drive ribbon control!

We have also dramatically improved the visual realism of the the 3D models that you can build with our software.

Screenshot from 3D model created with ContainerHome3D V 2.0

Real project completed in Costa Rica in 2011 – See our free book for a full layout on this amazing home.

Download our ContainerHome3D Software.

If you would like a free copy of the 3D Shipping Container Home Design Software you can download that in the Members Area…


Interest in constructing Homes and Commercial Buildings using ISBU Shipping Container Modules continues to grow around the World – Our Shipping Container Home Design Software is designed to help people with an interest in visualizing their design ideas.

The benefits of using this recycled building material are many, and very well documented elsewhere on this site so I wont go into that on this post – One of the greatest challenges for people interested in this Home Design technique is coming up with a design that will make both a practical residential dwelling that is also visually pleasing and although interest in this construction technique is growing rapidly its probably unlikely that there is a Home Display Center near you that showcases possible Container Home designs.

If creating an external design wasn’t challenging enough wait until you get into the Interior Design for Cargo Container Modules !  Those long narrow rooms are not like traditional room sizes and the selection and placement of furnishing and fittings is a whole new world, exciting yes but challenging none the less.

Important: Our ContainerHome3D Design Software has been designed for the Windows operating environment. It will not run on the Apple Mac OS. It is also a 3D Modeling Tool and as such requires a 3D Graphics Card and a separate Plug in Style Mouse.

Our Guarantee: If you have ANY issues with the Software – ANY issues at all we can help you create the Models here at Containerhome.info as a service and simply provide you with the finished model to explore and make changes in our software or as a series of JPEG images from all angles and points of view.



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7 comments on “3D ISBU Shipping Container Home Design Software”

  1. nuvolare Reply

    Hello I’m iteresting in your free program and maybe the upgrade later.
    Wher I can download it? and also is there any for mac?
    Thank you

  2. Cheri Reply

    Please send a copy of the free software to download. It is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Thanks.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Johan,

      Please use the sign up box at the bottom of the Software Description Page – an email will be sent to the address that you use containing a link to the download.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for your interest Danielle there is a sign up box at the bottom of the page, all you need to do is tell us where you want the link sent to and its yours for free. I hope you enjoy the software !

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