Container Homes Plan Series – Plan 1 – 2 x 40′

Plan 1 – 640 SQFT – 2 Bedroom Affordable Container Home
2 x 40′ Type 1A HC Container with Lightweight Concrete Pier Foundation

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Welcome to the first in a new Education and Design Resource for our Members.

This Container Home Design is intended as an affordable and easy to build 2 Bedroom Container Home and uses 2 x 40′ Type 1A HC Containers arranged in a side by side parallel configuration.

Features include:

Potential for DIY / partial DIY Construction.
Minimal Container Modification = Lowest possible Cost
Partial External Insulation ( Roof and Floor ) allowing for traditional lower cost Insulation to be used in these Areas.
Lightweight Low Cost Cast in Place Concrete Piers
Simple Flat Roof = Lowest possible Cost
Potential to expand the Home at a later time.

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