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Featured Container Home Profiles Shipping Container Homes Book Series – Book 203

[ad#ad-2] Container Home Book 203 - 1 x 40' HC  320 SQFT Container Home - Quebec Canada   Today’s featured Shipping Container Home ...

Featured Container Home Profiles Shipping Container Homes Book Series – Book 202

[ad#ad-2] Container Home Book 202 - 3 x 40' HC Hybrid Container Home - Colorado  Today's Shipping Container Homes was designed and ...

Featured Container Home Profiles Shipping Container Homes Book Series – Book 201

[ad#ad-2] Container Home Book 201 - 2 x 40' Offset Container Home - Sao Paulo Brazil  Todays Container Home Project would diplomatically ...

Featured Container Home Profiles Shipping Container Homes Book Series – Book 200

[ad#ad-2] Container Home Book 200 - Hybrid Container Home - Georgia USA  Today we celebrate our 200th featured Container Home with a ...

Container Homes Plan Series – Plan 1 – 2 x 40′

Plan 1 – 640 SQFT – 2 Bedroom Affordable Container Home 2 x 40′ Type 1A HC Container with Lightweight Concrete Pier Foundation If you are a Member of sign in and download these Plans from Here.. Existing members, please click here to login. If you have any

Free Book – Showcasing the 30 Most Influential Container Homes ever Built!

Thanks for your interest in Shipping Container Homes. You can review our 120 page full color digital book showcasing the 30 Most Influential Container Homes ever Built here. Having Trouble with the Digital Book ? If you are having trouble viewing the digital book format we use you can download

Free Shipping Container Technical Drawing Package

Free fully dimensioned Technical Drawings of the Type 1A GP and HC Series Containers. Our Shipping Container CAD Drawings show the major dimensions on all profiles and elevations including Top, Bottom, Sidewalls  and both ends of the Shipping Container in metric measurements. We also show a dimensioned wall corrugation profile

Shipping Container Home Roofs

One of the perceived advantages of using a shipping container as a building element is that the raw ISBU modules already come with a floor, four walls and a roof. However whilst the roof of an unmodified container is perfectly designed to completely enclose its cargo in its original role