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Easy to understand, practical, hands on advice and coaching for the Shipping Container Home Owner Builder guaranteed to save you time, money and stress.

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About our Site.

Lets be honest – watching several hours of video content, just like reading a great book is NOT going to make you an instant overnight design expert or skilled metal work tradesmen.

What this type of information does have the potential to do however is save you the pain and heartache that we ourselves experienced by learning these lessons the hard way by making more than our share of mistakes.

There is absolutely nothing new about Shipping Container Homes, except perhaps the fact that they are finally breaking into the mainstream building marketplace and as they do Architects, Designers, Contractors and Tradesmen have a lot of learning to do – just like we did when we first started out.

We are seeing more and more information about Shipping Container Homes become available on the Internet, which is great for promoting the Container Home movement Globally but to be honest bad for you if your seriously thinking about building one – why ?

Well to be blunt as more an more people turn their hand to this type of construction the designs get edgier and edgier and some of the information being quoted and presented is just plain wrong !

This “misinformation” ranges from the just plain silly and provides us with a laugh to the down right dangerous stuff that could get you or your family killed !

If your considering doing any of the following you must review this information before you proceed.

Buying your used Containers on Ebay or Craigs List
Refinishing the Plywood Floor in your Containers
Removing large areas of the side walls of your Containers
Placing your Containers on Block Footings or a Slab Foundation
Joining two Containers along their long sides – ie two “parallel” Containers
Stacking or Cantilevering Containers for Multistory Designs.
Burying a Container for a Cellar, Shelter or Storage
Insulating your Containers

We address the most common and most concerning of these misunderstandings and show you how to do it right, on time and on budget.

This Owner Builder Container Home constructed in Costa Rica in 2011 is a great example of the Shipping Container Home Concept. It represents fast, affordable construction methods, utilizing reuse of used containers and allowing a significant measure of owner sweat equity.

You can start with the free video at the top of this page if you like this resource we offer a membership to the site which includes a free copy of our Container Home Design Software.

I hope you enjoy the container home site, if you have any questions please feel free to let us know using the comments area below.


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